Department for History of the Academy of Sciences

The Department focuses on research in the field of the history of science, with particular emphasis on the history of scientific institutions and personalities and related methodological and theoretical issues. It focuses on the history of the Czech Academy of Sciences, its components and predecessors, as well as on the social reflection of science and international scientific networks in the 19th and 20th centuries. It also focuses on the social history of science, the changing concepts of science policy, the development of relations between university and non-university science and the issue of technology transfer. It also focuses on the history of the food sciences, oriental studies and technical sciences. In this thematic area, he coordinates the scientific research activities of the MIA CAS.

The results of his scientific work are published mainly in periodicals and editorial series published by the Institute and in renowned domestic and foreign periodicals or editorial series. He cooperates with scientific and higher education institutions at home and abroad. In cooperation with other departments, the department prepares the scientific periodical Práce z dějin Akademie věd [Studies in History of the the Academy of Sciences].

Department projects

The staff of the Department has recently successfully completed a project supported by the Czech Science Foundation (CSF) Habitus of Czech Scientists in 1918–1968. An example of two generations. Currently, the department is working on the Czech-Polish bilateral project of the Czechoslovakia-Poland Scientific Networks during the Cold War between Big Politics and Individual Strategies, the standard project of the CSF History of Food and Nutrition in the Czech Lands 1945–1970, the project of the Ministry of Culture HIKO - Historical Correspondence Networks – Alois Musil and the Beginnings of Oriental Studies in Czechoslovakia. The project Images of Science in Czechoslovakia 1918–1945–1968 is part of the Lumina quaeruntur Prize. The Department is sponsoring a long-term internal research project History of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences 1952–1992, which has already produced its first publication results.

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